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GE Simplifies Energy Business
July 20, 2012 – GE announced today that it will reorganize its Energy business into three standalone businesses effective in the fourth quarter of 2012. The Energy headquarters organizational layer will be phased out by the end of 2012. This change will speed decision making, reduce layers and decrease cost.
GE Energy Infrastructure includes approximately 100,000 employees and will have revenues of approximately $50 billion in 2012. The three new businesses will report directly to GE Chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt:
GE能源基礎架構現有雇員大約10萬,2012年營收將約500億美元。新的三個業務單元將直接向GE首席執行官杰夫 伊梅爾特匯報:
• GE Power and Water, led by GE Senior Vice President and Power and Water CEO Steve Bolze, is headquartered in Schenectady, NY. It provides full lifecycle solutions for power generation customers, including renewable energy and water processing technologies. It will have approximately 41,000 employees and planned revenue of approximately $28 billion in 2012.
• GE Oil and Gas, led by GE Senior Vice President and Oil and Gas CEO Dan Heintzelman, is headquartered in Florence, Italy. It provides equipment and services for all segments of the offshore and onshore oil and gas industry, including turbomachinery and drilling and surface, subsea, and pipeline equipment and services. It will have approximately 33,000 employees and planned revenue of approximately $15 billion in 2012.
• GE Energy Management, led by GE Senior Vice President and Energy Management CEO Dan Janki, is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. It consists of technology solutions for the delivery, management, conversion, and optimization of electrical power for customers across multiple energy-intensive industries. It will have approximately 27,000 employees and will have planned revenue of approximately $7 billion in 2012.
• GE電力和水務業務,由GE高級副總裁兼電力和水務首席執行官Steve Bolze領導,總部位于紐約斯克內克塔迪。該業務為發電領域客戶提供全生命周期解決方案,包括可再生能源和水處理技術。其雇員約為4.1萬,預計2012年營收約為280億美元。
• GE油氣業務,由GE高級副總裁兼油氣首席執行官Dan Heintzelman領導,總部位于意大利佛羅倫薩。該業務為所有的陸上還海上油氣工業領域提供設備和服務,包括包括渦輪機和鉆孔,以及海面、海底、管道設備和服務。其雇員約為3.3萬,預計2012年營收約為150億美元。
• GE能源管理業務,由GE高級副總裁兼能源管理首席執行官Dan Janki領導,總部位于喬治亞州的亞特蘭大。該業務包括為橫跨多個能源密集型行業客戶提供電力交付、管理、轉換、優化的技術解決方案。其雇員約為2.7萬,預計2012年營收約為70億美元。
GE will begin reporting separate segment financial results for these three businesses beginning with the fourth quarter of 2012.
GE today delivered its ninth consecutive quarter of strong operating earnings growth. GE remains on track to deliver double-digit earnings growth in 2012 in its Industrial businesses, GE Capital and GE Energy.
Immelt said, “Big companies are always fighting organizational complexity. We are taking action at a time when the Energy business is doing well. The business had a solid quarter with earnings up 13% and has a big backlog of great products. Removing layers is one way to reduce costs and increase our speed, focus and agility in the marketplace so we serve customers better. ”
“This move will greatly simplify the way we communicate to investors and customers,” Immelt said. “We have built three strong franchises with solid growth prospects for each in the future. Our Energy portfolio is well positioned for future growth, our commitment to having the best technology is paying off with customers and we will continue to invest in our growth and competitiveness capabilities.”
GE Vice Chairman and GE Energy Infrastructure CEO John Krenicki will oversee the transition to the new Energy structure during the third quarter. During the fourth quarter, he will continue to serve as a GE vice chairman and advisor to Immelt. Krenicki has decided to leave the company at the end of 2012.
GE副董事長兼GE能源基礎設施CEO John Krenicki將在第三季度監督過渡到新的能源架構。第四季度期間,他將繼續擔任GE副董事長和伊梅爾特的顧問。 krenicki已決定在2012年底離開公司。
Immelt said, “In his 29 years with GE, John Krenicki has always made decisions with the best interests of our shareholders and our customers first. The decision to simplify the Energy Infrastructure business shows the kind of leadership John has demonstrated over the years. He will leave behind a tremendous legacy of operating businesses, and developing talented leaders.”
伊梅爾特評價道:“在其GE的29年生涯中,John Krenicki一直堅持股東利益最大化和顧客優先的原則做決策。分拆能源基礎設施業務的決定顯示了John Krenicki這么多年來所表現出來的領導能力。他將給我們留下一筆業務營運和培養有潛力領導者的巨大遺產。”


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